55th Class Reunion

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55TH CLASS REUNION September 20, 2013


Our 55th Class Reunion started the day with our Golfers out early, then on to San Leandro High School for a walk through guided by Service Clubs comprised of SLHS students.   We saw the latest updates to the campus, viewed the new Theater and saw the "Chair" that the SLHS 1958 Class purchased then back to the Marina to visit and get ready for the 55th Reunion. The food was fabulous, the visiting and interaction of Classmates and spouses after all these years has grown making for a wonderful night.   We were also entertained by our "Dancing Ladies"...you had to be there....enjoy the few pictures that are posted, hoping for more to come in.  We also want to mention that we had Classmates coming this time that had never been to a Reunion....But we missed a lot of you who have been with us on other Reunions.

We were able to acknowledge and THANK....DON (Ducko) HARRIS who 48 years ago contacted Ruth with a mimeographed list of names from San Leandro High School with our Classmates parent's address.  Luckily within a year Ruth had made contact with Nadine and after more than a year a beginning address list was compiled and the 15th SLHS Class Reunion was held at the Blue Dolphin....oh we wish we had that place back, so many memories there..(look at the pictures for the 15th Reunion)  A special THANKS here has to be extended to Nadine's daughters', Vicki and Lisa, who are the creators of our Reservation Forms, Invites, Name Tags and much more....THANK YOU Vicki and Lisa

As the Reunions continued others joined the committee then it took another turn and we were back to reconstructing names and addresses.   It is to what it is now.  As with others, Judy was an outstanding addition to the Committee with her expertise in Travel and fund raising....without our Cruises we would never have been able to afford that 50th Class Reunion.  Carl and Ned pitched in and off we grew again. Their figuring out how to place a $7000.00 tent on the Marina Inn parking lot, getting permits,  heating, etc along with vests for our cruises, calling classmates, even doing a West to East Coast road trip visiting classmates along the way..there is so much over the years that we have all done to make these Reunions a memory..Len stepping up taking the lead to put on the "First Ever ALL SLHS Picnic".this year..with the major help from Linda (Len's wife), Pat (Ned's wife), Connie (Carl's wife) Sandy and Phil with their wonderful disappearing Class (designating class year )Balloons, along with other volenteers making that a success also....YES it RAINED, YES we got wet, BUT NO ONE left and MORE kept coming.

Finalizing our 55th Class Reunion with a Panama Cruise was beyond belief....Just ask Sally Lopez (Rich's wife) about her new ring, Pat, Winnie, Bonnie and Diana about their winnings of Art and other things, Joe and Ken  and their darn Shorts..keeping the times fun, the nightly Treasure Chest Scavenger Hunt, the excellent entertainment of the nightly Martini Bar along with our nightly Cocktail Party before dinner. We were also invited by the Cruise Line to two special dinners in their Specialty Dining Rooms by the cruise line....without us being one of Judy's special groups that would not have happened... we could just go on and on with THANK YOUs and we should, but we also want to Thank You for being our Classmates and supporting us.

Mark 2018 on your Calendar, phone, or computer, whatever works for you....but in the mean time the Committee has discussed have a "75th Birthday Bash" in 2015/2016 .... what do you think?  let us know through the website or email.  We need your participation to make it work. Think about it let us know...



Our 55th Class Reunion pictures have been uploaded to the "Photo Album". Enjoy the Reunion and the Cruise pictures. I have also added the "Grammer School" pictures that so many of you contributed and were so welcomed at the Reunion. "Current Classmate Photo" of the classmates who attended our 55th have been uploaded.

Please visit our "Missing Classmates" pages.  If you know any way we can contact them, please provide the information.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to know about the website and the Reunion plans.

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