Group picture in Lobby on Ship..just was not enough room for us all but what a fun group....let's do it again sometime
(1st Picture in this album)

45th Reunion Cruise-Page 2

Continuing on...we boarded a bus in Ensenada MX that took us to the town of Neuvo for a wonderful Lobster Lunch and beach time along with some Mexico shopping...ending with the bus back to the ship.  We did partake of Tequila shooters on the return bus trip to everyone's enjoyment.  It was a little tricky using a cardboard box, relish cups for shooter glasses and a weaving bus trip but we prevailed...Then back to San Diego for a full day ... the fun continued through the Captain's Dinner, Chocolate Expo put on by the Chefs followed by a wonderful Midnight Buffet....The ship entertainment was above average also.    The Committee was very happy that all enjoyed and we certainly had fun.   Those  water guns gave us a reputation all over the ship but even they were enjoyed by our outside would hear it before we even got to an area.....HERE COMES THE RED COATS...oh, what fun
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